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Cycling in Latvia 8 days

(~Р21910 )

Tour program

Arrival in Riga. Meeting. Accommodation. Lunch. Getting the bikes, checking if everything is ok. Easy trip to town along the promenade on the island Zakusala. The route of about 26 km. Sightseeing with TV tower and getting insight into the history of formation and development of the city. Height of the tower is 368.5 meters, which makes it the third tallest building in Europe after the Ostankino and Kiev television towers and 44th in the world (2011). At a height of 99 m there is an observation platform, from which in case of good weather is possible to see all Riga suburbs and the Gulf of Riga. The tower was built on the island Zakusala ("Rabbit Island") in the middle of the river Daugava (Western Dvina) at a height of 7 m above the sea. Moving to Ziepniekkalns (Riga district). Homemade kitchen. 19.00 Dinner. Free time. Night at the hotel.

8.00 Breakfast. The route of about 50 km. Riga - Jurmala. Route along the bike path through the spruce and pine forests. Jurmala - resort town at the estuary of the river Lielupe - the second biggest river in Latvia. We will take a look at this beautiful place where river meets the sea. Nudist and conventional beaches. We will visit the museum of the fisherman. 13.00 - lunch. We will drive along the beach where the bottleneck formed by Jurmala oblique. Moving to Lachi. Excursion to the bakery with degustation. National cuisine. 19.00 Dinner. Free time. Night at the hotel.

8.00 Breakfast. The route of about 56 km. Riga - Dole Island. Route along the bike path and unpaved road through spruce and pine forests. We will visit the largest island of the river Daugava, take a look at the museum of the History of the Daugava River and one of the oldest oak trees in Latvia. At the museum of fisherman we will take a look at old fishing equipment. You can go for a swim. 13.00 dinner. National cuisine. Visiting the beer factory in Bauska. It is famous for its natural raw materials for beer production. 19.00 Dinner. National cuisine. Visiting the ceramic workshop. Free time. Night at the hotel.

8.00 Breakfast. We go by bus to the beginning of Gauja National Park. From there along asphalt and unpaved road we ride the bikes. The route is about 40 km. Entertaining in Ramkalny center. You can ride a canoe. 13.00 dinner. National cuisine. We examine: a water mill of the eighteenth century, an ancient oak tree in Seja. We will visit the family estate barons Pistolgoltsev. It is possible to ride a horse – on a horseback or in carriages. Dinner. National cuisine. Unique beer from a witch. Free time. Night at the hotel "The Witch".

8.00 Breakfast. In the morning drive along the pavement on bicycles continue on an unpaved road to the river Gauja. Only about 40km. Then the rafting starts. Fishing is possible. Lunch. Fish soup from the bonfire, barbecue. Visit of the ceramic workshop. Unique ancient technology of the blue clay processing. 14.00 lunch at a small farm. Dinner. National cuisine. Unique beer from a witch. Night at the hotel "The Witch".

8.00 Breakfast. The route of about 50 km on asphalt and ground. The height difference 80m. Visit of the oldest known tourist center in Latvia since mid-nineteenth century – Sigulda. In the tourism environment of Latvia, this area is called Switzerland of Vidzeme. Visit of castles of the beginning of the thirteenth century – Sigulda, Turaida. The palace of the nineteenth century: Krimulda, New Sigudsky. Visit of the Mount of Artists - beautiful views with which inspired many painters. Lunch. Ancient burial place of Liv leader Kaupo. The mysterious maze of Krimulda Church. Dinner. Visit of a unique brewery. Beer degustation, which was recreated from an ancient technology. Night at the hotel "The Witch". 

8.00 Breakfast. The route around 42 km on asphalt and ground.  The height difference is up to 60 m. Start the day with a brief ride to the park Venkoči. Park Vienkoči - a place for relaxation and inspiration! Park Vienkoči is for walking and relaxing by the river Ligatne. The park has with many themed routes with many interesting objects. The park is divided into different zones - in the area of historic architecture there are models of estates, houses and other buildings, in the area of wooden sculptures - different inhabitants of the Latvian nature and characters of fairy tales, in the ethnographic area there are countryside buildings and tools from Latvian trees of the last century, wooden boats, stove for making tar, etc.

Moving to Ligatne. Examine once-secret bunker at a depth of 25m, which was hiding spot for leaders of the Latvian SSR in the days of nuclear war. Moving to Zvartas Iezis. In this beautiful place according to tradition witches gathered on the Sabbath. Moving to Ieriki old mill. 13.00 Dinner with the barbecue. Steamed vegetables and meat grilled on the fire. Walking 1.5 hours along the river. Take a picture of a large number of man-made sculptures, installations, fairy tale characters, animals. Dinner. Nght at the hotel.

Breakfast. Return to Riga. Tour around the Old Riga for 2.5-3 hours. The route is about 22 km on the asphalt. Lunch. Departure.

Cost of the tour (cost per person)

4 14 20
775 € 540 € 390 €

The tour package includes the following items :

Price included:

  • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast,
  • lunch and dinner every day,
  • glass of different Latvian beer every evening,
  • mountain bike rental,
  • visit of two fisherman museums
  • maintenance of transport on the route,
  • accompaniment of our guide, (English-speaking)
  • meeting at the airport
  • Excursions: on TV tower, at the bakery, in the clay studio.

Additional expenses :

Tickets: on TV tower, at the bakery, tour and degustation of the beer in Bauska, tour and degustation of beer Valmermuyzha in Turaida and Sigulda Castle, in the bunker of Ligatne, at the park Venkochi and mill Ieriki.

(Total per PAX ~~ 97 EUR)

Additional charges as desired :

Price not included:

  • Accommodation in a single room. Surcharge for 7 nights 140 EUR.
  • Canoeing (approx.) 4-5h - 15euro (1 PAX)
  • Horse riding 1 hour: 20 EUR.(1 PAX) The small circle in the park on a horse or pony: 4 EUR, a trip to the carriage for the group: 1 hour - EUR 30
  • Rafting on the Gauja, for the whole group up to 15 people – 10 EUR (1 PAX)

Additional Information :

Exchange Rates $1 = 58.7913Р, €1 = 56.1725Р