Weekend в Риге и Латвии

Weekend in Riga 3 days

Our company guide meets the guests at the Opera House and acquaints you with the romance of Middle Ages, the merchants and craftsmen town, founded more than 800 years ago. Let's walk around the narrow cobblestone streets with churches and monastery yards St.Peter's, St.Johann's, the Dome Cathedral, the romantic Convent Courtyard, Great and Small Guilds, House of Blackheads, Cat and Dog Houses, Swedish Gate and other historical monuments of the Old Riga. 
The hint of this tour is the famous Riga Black Balsam tasting. Riga Black Balsam, the 45 degrees strong herbal drink is one of the visit-cards of our city. It is famous since 18th century for its rich taste, curable power and nice herbal aroma. The tasting is included in the tour price, and it's possible to purchase the bottle of this famous drink. 


Tour program

Cost of the tour (cost per person)

Livonija 4* standard DBL room
Hanza 3 * standard DBL room

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